Siam Snail – Snail Slime Expert

Siam Snail Limited Company is a research-intensive company dedicated to the development of the Thai cosmetics industry. It has expertise in the production of cosmetics using snail slime, having more than 30 years of research experience in snails. Research work is undertaken by a team of scientists led by Professor Somsak Panha. He heads the Research Unit of Animal Systematics of Chulalongkorn University, and serves as the Director of Thailand’s National Centre of Excellence on Biodiversity. The research team discovered that the slime of the Siamese snail breed are 30 times higher concentration than those snail slime of other countries. This has inspired Siam Snail to pursue its research initiatives for the production of more highly effective cosmetics for the care of skin.

Tapping the True Value of the Siamese Snail Slime

Siam Snail owns and operates a farm with optimal standards in raising Siamese snails.

Feeding, humidity and temperature control and other environmental factors are given careful attention to ensure consistency in the quality of slime extracted from the snails.

Cosmetic production uses only slime secreted from the snail’s mantle as it’s the best quality.

Maintaining consistently warm temperatures as well as gentle tapping of the tissue under the shell close to the mantle are essential in enabling snails to secret slime.

Siam Snail‘s own percolating technology is used to attain the smallest molecules from the slime.

This makes certain for deep and quick penetration in nourishing the skin without clogging the pores or leaving any greasy residue on the skin.

Truly the best value derived from the snail slime is exploited in the making of all Siam Snail products.